• Michelle Gemayel

Quick thought: Why I’m becoming sustainable.

6 years ago I moved to Abu Dhabi, arriving with 5 luggages 2 carry ons and remembering every single piece I had left back home which I ended up bringing back with me to Abu Dhabi whenever I went to Beirut.

2 years later I moved to Florence with more luggages that the hotel guy where I was staying at for a week asked me if my husband and kids were arriving in another cab.. Nope!

While in Florence,again, at a certain point I moved with Ale. That’s how I noticed how much stuff I had accumulated throughout the years. It was almost impossible to fit my things in any type of closet let alone live with a man who never ever throws anything.

So that’s when I decided to take a step forward and start getting rid of my things especially the ones that kept on moving with me without being used. Lucky me, I have a sister, so I would always check with her before giving away a piece.

However what I noticed the most is that the pieces I didn’t regret throwing were the ones I got from fast fashion brands like Zara, &other stories etc..

So I learned with time not to buy anything I don’t need but most of all to invest in timeless pieces of course while resisting the temptation of buying fast fashion..

Currently my closet is smaller than that of my husband (guess I’m the only woman in the world with that case).

On the other hand, the more I worked in fashion the more I became into sustainable products with all the dead stock amount accumulated every year I think we should all go sustainable asap.

This not only applies to fashion but also home decor & beauty products.

I will be sharing and recommending sustainable brands in the future.

In case you need some motivation I would advise you to watch these on Netflix:

Marie Kondo



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