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What's with the Aquis hair turban everyone is talking about and does it really work?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

A couple of months ago I discovered Aquis the hair towel that promises to dry your hair faster, decrease breakage and hair fall. The beauty explorer in me ran to the nearest store (before I knew they shipped worldwide) and got my hands on the last one remaining. Last one = fate.

It was orange, a color I wouldn't normally buy but whatever I just picked it.

It was not time to wash my hair but I did because I was really eager to see if it worked or not.

Based on what they said, I think I had my expectations too high but decided to remain positive because beauty is supposed to be fun. However, I'm one of those women who spends at least half an hour drying their hair so I really needed that magic. And guess what? IT WORKS !

Ok so basically, it doesn't really dry your hair like a blowdryer does, but it definitely calms down your scalp (or at least mine). Usually with a normal towel or fiber turbans I've previously tried, I could feel my hair breaking however Aquis is smooth. In about 10 minutes or even less the turban was able to soak 30/40% of the liquid and the cool thing is that it doesn't drip.

What‘s it made of AND is it ethically produced?

The towels and turbans are made of Aquitex, a fabric they pioneered that is inspired by moisture-wicking workout fabric. Aquitex doesn’t release microplastics into water systems, meaning no pollution to our oceans (woohoo!) Dyes used on the towels and turbans are non-toxic as well so that's a good thing.

They even have a range of haircare in order to complete the whole routine but I'd rather stick to my Davines products which I will be telling you about one day.

Long story short:

It's efficient

It decreases hairfall

It decreases time to dry

It's big enough if you have long hair

It's eco-friendly

Bonus : You can take a cool turban mirror selfie

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