• Michelle Gemayel

How it all started.

I will be revealing my career path for those of you who don't know how I ended up being one of the first digital consultants under 30 in the Middle East in addition to being featured on WWD (Dream come true).

On a hot Italian summer.

Ok let's start with : On a hot Emirati "year". When I was in living and working in Abu Dhabi in 2014 I thought that's what I really wanted. A fun job, being 3 hours away from home, getting a hot (like really extremely hot) weather all year long, and lastly being an hour away from my friends in Dubai. Until one day, I woke up and thought of all the times I had dreamt of studying in Italy. Perhaps it was a bit too late ? I was 26 at the time and enrolling in a Masters program seemed a bit odd to me. But I did it instead. Didn't tell anyone as I really needed to know if this is what I wanted. I literally applied to 3 universities, one of which was based in Florence and the other 2 in Milan. I did my search and hell did Florence take my breath away. I felt like this is what I wanted. To get away from the rush, to study in an inspiring city that will definitely help me understand and shape my career.

Fast forward to May 2015 and here I am in Florence on my first day to that Masters class. Graduating a year after I was keen on gaining some experience in one of Italy's best fashion houses. (Careful what you wish for). One Sunday morning as I was shopping on Luisaviaroma's online store, I decided to have a look at their job offers section out of curiosity. The available position was "Marketing Specialist for the Middle East". Am I dreaming ? Is this for real ? Could it be a sign ? Should I apply ? Do I want to stay in Florence ? Will they even give me the job ?

Yes. I ended up taking the position and I must say it was the best experience ever and the hardest years of my career, but hey that WWD feature made it up for all those endless screen days.

One day, again a hot florentine summer day (apparently the hot weather inspires and motivates me. Let's move to summer-all-year-long city? ) I thought to myself, if I am able to manage the digital channels targeting the middle east for one of the biggest e commerce sites in the world, then why can't I help local designers in my country get the most exposure from digital marketing. That's when I decided to launch Michelle Gem focusing on local female designers with a big potential.

Here I am less than a year later assisting those women whether to help them revamp their sites, launch their campaigns, run their digital channels, create collaborations and all the activities one could think of in the digital world.

I try to be as helpful as possible with my clients as I know they could be in the same situation I was in when I still didn't know that Italy and Digital Marketing will define my location and career a couple of years later. I help them visualise their brand's future and potential but most importantly I look at the brand as one of my own. The only way you could help with all your heart is to put yourself in the client's shoe.

To every girl and woman who has a dream, visualise it and make it happen. Don't give up and most importantly don't underestimate your potential. Get support because this is what women do for each other, or say should be doing.

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